Winnipeg plans, 27-28 Feb

The CORE Training Seminar was attended by Art McElroy, Michael McElroy, Aaron Beattie, Catherine Gui, Jennara Fields, Santosh Kumar, Ganesh Nanjappa, Scott Frazer, Bruce Roskens, Weikai Yan, Jennifer Mitchell-Fetch, Nick Tinker, Mike McMullen, Gabe Gusmini, Joe Lutz, Curt McCartney, Dennis Galbraith, Peter Enns, Jim Dyck, and Dave Matthews. The main presentations were

  • Nick Tinker on the consensus map
  • Curt McCartney on crown rust and stem rust resistance markers
  • JMP Genomics, via WebEx
  • Joe Lutz on marker-assisted breeding
  • Dave Matthews on the Avena Toolbox database (slide presentation below)

One of the outcomes was a proposal to create a North American Oat Curator, whose potential duties would be

  1. Work with Graingenes / TCAP team to establish an oat-specific instance of T3, ensuring that there is a reliable and internationally accessible host and an open conduit to technology and feature updates.
  2. Complete the capture of CORE and additional pre-competitive data deemed public into an integrated public database. This includes phenotypes, markers, and pedigrees.
  3. Assist in developing and populating an enhanced Graingenes Portal providing additional 'static' and legacy data (non-standard data sets, links, maps, etc) as well as a front-end to "Oat-T3".
  4. Be familiar with the International oat community and assist in curating data from International colleagues. *Potentially: assist with establishment of "modular portals" that will allow major contributors (e.g. CORE-Europe) to populate the shared database while maintaining some independent visibility.
  5. Suggest and (possibly) contribute to new T3 features and functionality.
  6. Potential: Establish a restricted instance of T3 to provide "mid-competitive" access to a consortium of breeders. Advise and provide limited assistance with "personal T3 instances".


  1. Establish that North American oat workers are serious about long-term leadership in the oat community.
  2. Establish CORE data as a visible and useful resource that is generously provided to the world, and inspire other communities to be open and transparent.
  3. Ensure all breeders in key environments for North American Milling oats have complete access to data that will allow them to apply molecular breeding efforts.