North American Public Oat Genotyping Initiative

To further oat improvement and begin to make better use of the T3/oat resource that we are developing, we would like to propose ongoing high-density genotyping of breeding lines from public sector oat breeding programs. The results of this genotyping would be made available through T3/oat. The data would be public. The quid pro quo is: you get the genotyping for free but the results are public for all to use. There is no obligation to make the germplasm available, nor to make phenotypes available. Nevertheless, we would hope and prefer both to occur.

About OG

In recent years there has been a tremendous growth in datasets of Avena genomic, phenotypic, and breeding information as a result of cooperative public/private research activities from the oat breeding and genetics community. The Collaborative Oat Research Enterprise (CORE) was a major initiative in North America resulting in the establishment of a genomic platform for oats. The USDA-ARS GrainGenes project has tracked some of these advances in oat research. Meanwhile, multiple initiatives and research projects have developed additional datasets in North America and Europe.